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A Closed Circuit Television Video pipe inspection or drain survey alerts you to any potential problems, including structural issues such as fractures or collapse, root ingress and blockages.

It can be difficult to determine the severity of pipe damage and where it is located. The use of pipe inspection cameras can detect compromises from intrusion, poor installation and natural elements to assist with reparation.

CCTV inspections uses a robotic camera to see inside of pipelines, sewer lines and drains without the need for more invasive methods like digging or removing existing structures to gain access. Once inserted, the cameras are able to give a precise picture of a pipe’s condition within quickly and cost effectively.

Undertaking CCTV pipe inspections is affordable and means repairs can be focussed on the damaged section only. They are also environmentally friendly requiring little disturbance to the surrounding habitat.

CCTV Pipe Locating


  • Condition inspections of sewers
  • Culvert inspections
  • Site drainage connectivity
  • Manhole, CSO and pumping station survey
download cctv pipe inspection profile

Benefits of CCTV Pipe Inspections


  • Site time combined with Utility and Topo surveys to deliver cost efficiencies
  • Data captured and integrated in to the final drawings
  • Survey report generated using Wincan software with video provided on USB