Real Time Analysis of Concrete Structures

C-thrue is an all-in-one Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) for accurate scanning and real time analysis of concrete structures. This non-destructive, non-intrusive method of surveying can be carried out quickly and efficiently, without causing any delays to construction or interrupting worksites.

A cost-effective mode of sub-surface investigation, construction and service companies, as well as civil and structural engineers are able to locate rebars, voids, post-tensions cables, cavities, conduits and any other objects buried in the structure before cutting or drilling into the concrete.

It delivers fast results, is safe to use in public spaces and provides clearer 2D projections than concrete x-ray technology. GPR is safe, efficient and suitable for scanning large areas.

Concrete Scanning


  • Locate and measure depth of embedded electrical services
  • Establish location and depth of pre and post tension cables
  • Determine depth of concrete slabs and footings
  • Structural inspections on buildings and infrastructure
  • Condition assessments for rehabilitation planning
  • Identify defects or damage inside concrete
download concrete scanning profile

Benefits of Concrete Scanning

Concrete Scanning is often requested to undertake surveys of various types of concrete floor slabs. A slab scan of a concrete floor can assist a structural engineer with information required to calculate load bearings and load capacities.

Typically, the following information is required:

  • Thickness of the slab
  • Reinforcement location and spacing/pattern
  • Size of reinforcement
  • Position of any footings or beams