Utility Detection & Mapping Tasmania-wide

Underground service locating and mapping is used to confirm existing utility locations and to detect unknown utilities using a range of techniques. These include cable locating via GPR and EMF, surveying and laser scanning.

Utility Detection and Mapping work collaboratively with our clients to undertake underground service location. Knowing precisely where subsurface utilities are located is important in informing the design, maintenance and constructions activities for both new and existing developments and infrastructure projects.

We perform safe and efficient service locating to avoid unnecessary delays and costs to your project.

Spatial information services:

Our Vision is simple

We aim to supply an exceptional utility mapping and surveying service that significantly improves site safety and reduces the risk of injury to site personnel and the public.

We aim to supply an exceptional:

  • Utility Detection and mapping services;
  • That significantly improves site safety; and
  • Reduces the risk of injury to site personnel and the public

At the same time, we believe what we offer can be very cost-effective as it helps to avoid complications caused by unseen hazards that could lead to unwanted delays or additional expenditure.

However, at UDM Group nothing matters more to us than the quality of our personal service. We may be an expanding company, but our belief is that people matter. This is why we choose to put our customers first, developing a close working relationship with every client to find out exactly what they need.

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